Tool #3 Wordle "Word Cloud"

Wordle: kind words

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tools #3 Image Generators & Mashups Part II

Wow! I created my first "Comic Bubble". It is very cute! Creating comic strips and/or comic bubbles will be helpful in Social Skills. Our social skills lessons are very hands-on. I would love for the students to make comic strips in reference to various skills we have practiced.....Thanks Andrew (my son) for your expertise!!!!!
See you soon for Tool#4.....It's getting a little easier :o)

Tool #3 Image Generators & Mashups Part I

OMG! Figuring out how to attach the Wordle Word Cloud was exausting. I had to get my 12 year old to come and help me :o) Now I know, "GADGET" is the answer to almost everything. Creating a Wordle Word Cloud with my students is going to be fun! The one I created listed "polite words" ...maybe if they see them in a fancy fashion, they will be happy to use them. Well, I'm moving on to the 2nd adventure in Tool#3! My son is not far from me, just in case I get a brain FREEZE.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tool #2 Building Community & Comments

Hello all! I'm back to respond to questions asked from Tool #2....I must admit while answering the questions, I had a few "EYE OPENERS!"

Question 1: What are your thoughts about building an online education community and participating in a PLN? Well, if I had to describe my thoughts in one word, it would be AWESOME! From personal experience browsing blogs, I have learned so much from teachers who have elected to share their personal classroom ideas, trials and tribulations. It's "AWESOME" to have several places to go to seek the support and advice from fellow Educators. As an educator who's new to the online world, I desire my blog to be a place initially where my students and their family can connect and develop an appropriate HOME/SCHOOL relationship!
Question 2: What point stood out to you from the commenting advice? Ouch! I was bitten my the "I'm talking to you bug!" The comment that was made by Jakob Nielson regarding "90% of online community users are lurkers (read or observe without contributing). I must admit, I am a major LURKER....I guess I've always had the idea that no-one wanted to hear how I feel about a certain topic or idea....But I've realized that's not true! I have valuable knowledge and information to share that may or may not help others...Ultimately, it's up to that person whether or not what you say/type has any merit. My Goal is to STOP BEING A LURKER :o)
Question 3: What 5 blogs did you select for your comments? I haven't commenting on any BLOGS yet! I will in the near future...stay tuned and I'll tell you about that experience later :o)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Tool #1 Getting Started

Okay, I'm back....I have added an Avatar! (My "Happy Face" is so cute!) and registered my BLOG. Thus far, this process has shown me that I will be able to develop an on-going and exciting on-line adventure with my students. We will be able to learn together :o) Many of my parents have access to the Internet, having a classroom BLOG will allow "me" the Teacher and the students to communicate with their parents daily. Students will have an opportunity to share their published poetry and journals with their family. I look forward to sharing this wonderful discovery with my students and their parents.

Tool #1 Getting Started

Getting Started....Wow! I must admit I was very anxious...I wasn't sure what to expect. Creating my very first blog is exciting and new! I have surfed numerous "Teacher Blogs" and I have been quite impressed with the arrangement and set up of their blogs. Now, I have one of my own. If only I had followers :o) This process has just begun, I need to create: an image, upload a video and much more.....stayed tuned!