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Monday, June 7, 2010

Tool #1 Getting Started

Okay, I'm back....I have added an Avatar! (My "Happy Face" is so cute!) and registered my BLOG. Thus far, this process has shown me that I will be able to develop an on-going and exciting on-line adventure with my students. We will be able to learn together :o) Many of my parents have access to the Internet, having a classroom BLOG will allow "me" the Teacher and the students to communicate with their parents daily. Students will have an opportunity to share their published poetry and journals with their family. I look forward to sharing this wonderful discovery with my students and their parents.


  1. you are off to a great start and have good list of things to do with your students and the blog. I look forward to seeing what other ideas you develop...and yes, your happy face avatar will be one of the many reasons I will enjoy my returning visits to your blog!

  2. OMG, you were asking me for help and you are way ahead of me. I am so nervous about tool #2 (because i didn't understand it); then i looked at yours and thanks i have better understanding, =). talk to you later!!!

  3. I'm glad to know who you are otherwise the Chuck Norris picture in your profile would throw me off. Isn't this fun! Maybe you can use the flip camera to share events from your classroom with parents.