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Friday, July 2, 2010

Tool#4 Cool Google Tools

Hip-Hip-Hooray! I completed Tool#4.
Google Docs is GREAT! As long as Google Docs is safe and secure, I can imagine that I will be using this tool quite often. In my Speciality I deal with tons and tons of paperwork. This tool will be beneficial when communicating with parents (i.e. sharing a draft IEP with the parents allows them to provide input by adding and removing items from the document). Google Docs will also be a helpful tool with my team. As a team, we can share (data collection forms, IEP information etc...)
Google Reader is AWESOME! Google reader allows me to keep up with the BLOGS I am following. I can also keep track of other information that is important to me.
Learning about these two tools was very helpful! I really believe I will become a GOOGLE DOCS Pro!!!
Stay tuned as I continue my quest to become Computer SAVVVVY...I can truly say, I'm enjoying it and my anxiety level is going down.

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