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Monday, July 19, 2010

Tool #5 Tagging and Social Bookmarking

Hello All,
Tagging and Social Bookmarking! Wow...something new! Being able to organize the "zillion and one" bookmarks I have is GREAT!

I selected to use delicious to build and organize my bookmarks. It was easy, due to the fact I already have a yahoo account.

1st, I bookmarked education: This site is a great asset for special education teachers and parents. This site contains a wealth of information! There are also great Blogs to follow (ask questions and reply to questions). The site and link are provided below. Special Education
2nd, I bookmarked mathmagician: This is a site I plan on using frequently with my students (at least once or twice a week). This site provides additon, subtraction, multiplication and division drills (students are able to earn & print certificates!)

The tags I used were quite simple for special education (I used special ed + info) and for mathmagician (I used math + drills).

I believe social bookmarking will be useful in the classroom to me as well as to the students. I can honestly say, "I don't remember half of the stuff I have bookmarked in the past" I never remember to use the wonderful sites I have come across.

Well, this mission is complete! I have several more to go. I'm moving at a SNAILS PACE, but i'm getting it done :o).
Thanks to all who have come to view and support MRS. GREEN'S BLOG SPOT!

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