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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tool#9 Sharing Information through Jing and Skype

Hello All...Tool#9 was totally "new" to me. Screencast, Jing and Skype was a new learning experience. For this tool, I will answer/discuss Screencast, Jing and Skype. I hope my responses are clear and beneficial to my GREAT BLOG Followers :o)

1a. Discuss how the screencast could help your students...In my humble opinion, I believe Screencast is helpful to students because it provides students with the ability to access and/or view lessons & discussions at any time. The can review previously taught/learned concepts. This will definitely accommodate/assist the varying learning styles and speeds of our students.
1b. Discuss how you might have students use Jing...Students can use Jing to capture images and create video of what they see on screen. Jing will allow students to capture what they want to say with a picture and video INSTANTLY!!! Teachers can allow crate tutorials for their students using Jing which is always helpful.
2. Discuss how you might use Skype with your students and share across the district, the state, the nation, or the world! The use of Skype in the classroom is "plentiful"...The following link provides over 50 Awesome Ways to use Skype in the Classroom! Enjoy...I enjoyed reading about all the ways to implement Skype in classroom.
This concludes Tool#9........Tool#10 "Here I COME!!!" I peaked ahead at Tool#10 and thankfully, my son has Ipod Touch I can use :o)

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