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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tool#10 Exploring Mobile Technology Apps

Yea! I finally made it to Tool#10. For this tool, I solicited assistance from my 12 year old son. Andrew has an Ipod Touch and I wanted to use it (It's usually glued to his hand...I know that Andrew should have a huge thumb muscle)! I explained to Andrew what I was going to do with "his" Ipod and he was excited...he wanted to search for "Educational Apps", he only had "Non-Educational" Apps on his Ipod.
The first free educational app we reviewed was: "Math Drills Lite"....Math Drills Lite would provide the students tons of opportunities to practice (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts.) This app can be used as a warm-up or in a math center....Very independent!
The second free educational app we reviewed was: "Timed Reading"...The Time Reading program has varying grade levels Kinder-Fourth...The students can choose their grade and read a story. What's one of the benefits of this app? It provides the students' reading fluency (Data for the Teacher :o)
The third free educational app we reviewed was: "Maps Free"...Maps free can be used as a warm-up in social studies. Students' can review their states and capitals.
Working with my son was a lot of FUN! He stated "I can see myself doing warm-ups and reading on my Ipod daily!" I believe my students would benefit from the use of an Ipod (to do warm-ups and read stories etc)...using technology is Fun for kids...I'm so glad these apps are FREE and AVAILABLE...I really hope my classroom receives an Ipod Touch!

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